Body Memories

2018 – 2019 
acrylic paint on fabric, stand of steel, text
Exhibited in Trondhjems Kunstforening (TKF), april 2019, as a part of the group show: Doubt in Every Move

Somehow the shower after the session is just as important as the movement painting itself
I really have to make an effort to scrub the paint off of my body
I have to rub me clean
The mix of water and colors makes it look like my entire body is covered in bruises
This brings up flashes of images and memories
Not that my entire body has ever been covered with bruises.

I am rubbing to wash the bruises off my body
I rub and I rub
I rub
My skin is getting sore
I rub
Slowly it fades
It fades a bit with every move
And I learn something new.

You cannot believe how clean I feel after these sessions.
But somehow
no matter how carefully I rub and clean my body
no matter how long I am in the shower
there always tends to be a slight mark of paint left on my body
Even if it is just a splotch on my elbow.

There is always something there to remind me