What is a body? Where does the body end? Can it stretch, expand beyond its own limits, like rings in water activated by one center? Inhale, exhale. The body carries its life, its history. It makes impressions on the surroundings and the relationships it touches, and is itself marked by touch. Inhale, exhale. The body leaves something behind, and takes something else with it. How to exist in a body that is in constant transformation and development? What exactly is a body in this time where we haven’t been able to physically meet or touch each other, when our shared experiences arise through screens? How do we relate to ourselves, others and our surroundings through our bodies? 

In her exploration of these questions Kari Ann Lending Kleiveland (b. 1993)  experiments with materials and mediums as for example textile, bean bags, wood, video, painting and performance. She is particularly interested in malleable mediums and materials that change with time or by touch. Scenography and costumes are valuable inspiration sources. Her background in dance and choreography provides a framework for her practice and a curiosity to approach the body and movement from different angles. Her processes are dynamic, her projects overlap, never end. She looks for questions rather than answers.

Improvisation, in the form of movement and in experimenting with encounters between different materials and bodies, is crucial to her process. Impulses that initiate change. Therefore, she had her base in Paris in 2014, in Helsinki in 2018 and in Reykjavik in 2019. She has also studied art in Stavanger (Kunstskolen i Rogaland, 2014-2016), completed her BFA in Trondheim Academy of Fine arts (2020), and is now completing my MA in KMD, Bergen. Another way of improvisation is contact with other people, both in short meetings, collaborations and lasting relationships. In 2018 she founded Studio K, a project space and gallery located in Time Municipality, with an ambition to create an environment where different people and practices can meet and connect. In 2017 and 2018 she worked as a choreographer, and collaborated with director Viktorija R. Davies, conductor Liv Hugstmyr Særheim and the youth choir VIVA in the productions Disneyforestilling (2017) and the 50th anniversary show Reverse & Reunion (2018). The latter was shown in Sandnes Kulturhus and was a production that included around 200 performers.

Kari Ann is a member of BKFR and NBK.


2020 – 2022  MA, Bergen Academy of Fine Arts, KMD, UiB, Bergen
2017 – 2020  BFA, Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts, NTNU, Trondheim
2019 University of the Arts BFA2, Reykjavik, Iceland
2018 Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts, BFA2, Helsinki, Finland
2016 – 2017 Intro Academy, Communication, Creative thinking and Project Management, Stavanger
2014 – 2016 Visual Arts, Rogaland Art School, Stavanger
2014 Art History and French, Gateway College, Paris, France
2010 – 2013 Dance and Choreography, Lundehaugen/Vågen VGS, Sandnes Norway


2022 –  Art consultant, coordinator of exhibition program, Fotland Mølle Time Kommune
2022 –  Board member Performance Art Stavanger (PAS)
2018 –  Founder of Studio K; studio, project- and gallery space, Time Municipality, Norway
2019    Curatorial group, Galleri KiT, Trondheim
2018    Choreographer for the 50th anniversary-show for the VIVA choir, Reverse and Reunion, Sandnes Kulturhus
2017    Choreographer for the VIVA choir’s Disney Show, Sandnes Kulturskole, Sandnes

2021  Malleable Bodies, Galleri Ni, Bryne
2018  The Choreography of Landscape painting, Studio K, Kvernaland
2017  Traces of Movement, ØST – Tou Scene, Stavanger
2022  PICNIC, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen
2021  Zip Friction, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen

2021  Hindsight is 2020, Galleri KiT, Trondheim
2019  Remember, Laugardalur Swimming Pool, Reykjavík, Iceland
2018  Ex X Ex, Tasku Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2018  Constructed Space, Tasku Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2018  Soft Art, textile exhibition, Studio K, Kvernaland
2018  Stay another day, Galleri KiT, Trondheim
2018  II<<0>>II , Galleri KiT, Trondheim
2017  That Poetry, Galleri KiT, Trondheim
2016  Brutalt Taco, Tou Scene, Stavanger
2015  Juicy, Rogaland School of Fine Arts, Stavanger
2014  Installation, Rogaland Art Center, Stavanger 

COMMISSIONS (selection)

2021  Workshop for children and youths, collaboration with Time Kommune and Time Kulturskole
Workshop, Den Kulturelle Spaserstokken, Time Municipality, Norway
2017  Embellishment, Viben Yoga studio, Forum Jæren
2015  Flytt bar, interactive space, Rogaland School of Fine Arts, collaboration w/Millard Paulsé and Håvard Sagen


2018  Sirdalmagasinet, 4th issue p. 20-21, Skaper kunst på lag med naturen, by Bethi Dirdal
2018  Jærbladet, (paper) 22.06.2018, page 16/(internet) 20.06.18, page 23-38: Kari Ann satsar på kunstdraumen,
by Jorunn Erga Steinsland

2022  Diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere, the Art Council, Norway
2022  Meltzer Project Grant
  Kulturstipendet, Klepp Kommune
2020  Kulturstipendet, Time Kommune
2016  Trafo (The Nordic region’s largest social network for young artists) Project grant